Sonnhof Tirol, Tyrol, AUSTRIA

Sonnhof Tirol, Tyrol, AUSTRIAClaimed

Ayurveda Retreat in Tyrol, Austria


It is our history and our own experiences that shape us into who we are. They are part of our life and make it exciting. We walk over rough and smooth, stumble from time to time and then – at some point – you find a path that makes sense. A path that fulfills you and makes you happy. That's how it was for us.

Our history dates back to the year 1987. Brigitte and Johann Mauracher bought the Gasthof Sonnhof – a very traditional Tyrolean business. After a short time already emerged the desire to progress further. Four years later 15 rooms were built and in 2006 another 15 rooms were added. But that was not all. One year earlier a wish expanded in Brigitte's heart, which quickly developed into an idea: Ayurveda. 

It was a completely new path. Exciting and coherent at the same time. A feeling that cannot be described. The feeling that now, finally, everything is as it should be.

We are consistently pursuing this path: In the spirit of sustainability and regionality, we have also been running our own small farm at Lindhof – not far from our Ayurveda Resort – since 2016. In this way, we combine our Tyrolean roots with Ayurvedic ones and harmonise Tyrolean traditions with Indian ones. Because both are united by a common credo: the preservation, development and teaching of the “knowledge of life". 

And so our guests receive fresh vegetables, fruit and honey and much more from the Lindhof every day. Processed according to the wholesome recipes of European Ayurveda cuisine.


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