Looms & Weaves – Natural & Hand Made Ayurvedic Soaps – Pack of 4




Soaps for All Types of Skins (Set of 4 Hand Made Soaps of 100 gm Each)


  • Package Contents: 100% hand Made ayurvedic Soaps – 100 gm each
  • Free from parabens, sulfates and mineral oil.
  • Free from animal fat.
  • Made with 100% hand made virgin coconut oil.
  • No harmful chemicals or artificial colours used. No Detergents used.
  • Only Organic and natural ingredients used. handmade. 
  • Our hand made ayurvedic soaps treats acne and blemishes, protects the skin from heat, and helps treat skin ailments. 


Looms & weaves offers a collection of beautiful and fragrant handmade soaps made, using natural ingredients like turmeric, wild turmeric, multani mitti, red sandal, sandal, neem, green gram, coconut oil , goat milk, cow milk, mud snan, saffron, forest honey etc.

This natural handmade soap leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth, soft and moisturized. These soaps are safe for your skin and also for the environment. All natural ingredients used are perfect for deep-cleaning your face or body and even shaving for men.

This is excellent for dry, damaged, or itchy skin.

Each soap is manually cut, individually stamped and packed by hand. We don’t use any animal fats, parabens, sulfates, preservatives or additives for making our hand made soaps. We use only hand made virgin coconut oil for our soaps. We use only eco friendly packing, using only areca nut leaves for packing our soaps.


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