Sitaram Narasimham Herbal Ayurvedic Oil 100ml




Reduces Damages and Ageing of Hair and Premature Greying.


  • A nourishing coconut oil based hair oil very beneficial in reversing the ravages of time and ageing on the hair and scalp.
  • Proven efficacy seen in reversing premature greying, dried outscalp and dormant hair follicles.
  • Restores dark, shiny and healthy tresses naturally.


Coconut oil helps bolster your skin’s protective barrier layer, trapping moisture inside and keeping skin supple and hydrated. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for irritated, chafed skin.

Narasimham hair oil activate and rejuvenate cells in your scalp and follicles. This ensures that a major proportion of hair stays in anagen (growing) phase and attains full length and natural black colour.

Deep relaxation and the release of tension from the neck and shoulder muscles. Benefits memory, cognition, and alertness. Improves sleep. Brings clarity and strength to the senses.


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