Jiva Ayurveda Skin Tea – 150 g | Pack of 1 |




Jiva Ayurveda Skin Tea – 150 g


  • Formulated with natural Ayurvedic herbs, the Skin Tea purifies blood and cleanses the skin from within, which prevents the accumulation of toxins.
  • Jiva Skin Tea, helps your fight again skin diseases, increases the circulation in channels, provides healthy & glowing skin, & is known to be effective in allergies and other skin disorders
  • Enriched with natural herbs like Patola Patra, Sheesham, Gorkhamundi, Mulethi, & Saireyak, the tea proves as an effective natural solution in combating skin diseases.
  • Provides a healthy glow to skin
  • With 27 years of Ayurvedic expertise, Jiva takes Ayurveda treatment to a global level for millions across the world.


Every pack of Jiva Skin Tea contains natural herb extracts that abound in potent medicinal properties. The tea is made up of a unique Ayurvedic formulation of Manjith, Neem, Patol Patra, Amla, Haldi, Anant Mool and Mulethi which provide essential and revitalising nutrients to the skin, deep-cleansing it and making it radiant and beautiful


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